Testimonial – Selene


I have been going to see Tim Judd as my Osteopath for approximately the past 2 years.

I have been to numerous Chiropractors and physiotherapists throughout my life due to riding horses from a young age and felt that I never got the relief I could have.  Since seeing Tim Judd I have found instant relief  from my visits with him.  I was excited to hear that Tim was putting together two DVD’s called Stretch for Life containing upper body and lower body stretches to follow.  When you go to see Tim Judd as a Osteopath he gives stretches to go home with that really target the parts I need fixing.  I brought both of his DVD’s when they came out and have found them to be an amazing tool to help fix myself.  I have  recommend not only Tim as an incredible Osteopath who is truly dedicated to helping fix and maintain body and health.  I work as Midwife in a hospital and feel that my body needs constant attention in order to maintain my work life balance.  Stretch for Life has given me relief at the end of a twelve hour shift when my lower and upper back are sore from positions I get myself into at work.  Now I can recommend to friends and family a self help DVD Stretch for Life thanks to Tim Judd for putting the time and energy into designing this tool it has really changed my life.



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