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Testimonial – Chelsea

As a Personal Trainer, I use my body a lot in my job, and I have learned a lot from Tim in regards to extra exercises I can do for injury prevention. I have been treated for many years by Tim, for both bone and muscular issues. I use a lot of these, along with […]


Testimonial – Lynda

As a result of an work accident 2 years ago, I have had severe pain in my hips. I work for the New Zealand Fire Service and the pain caused me to have problems doing day to day activities, maintaining my fitness for work and I could not sleep on my side. I was referred […]


Testimonial – Sarah

Tim’s DVD is absolutely wonderful. So refreshing to see something that is genuinely focused on helping your body to function rather than just look good. I highly recommend it to people of all ages and fitness levels. Sarah     To read more from Tim’s Blog click here. To check out Tim’s Auckland practice click […]


Testimonial – Paula

Stretch for life dvd has given me the tools I needed to regain confidence in my body again after suffering with a twisted pelvis & lower back. A  problem that took a long time to recover from post birth. From the professional advice sought from Tim Judd, along with the video, instantly results happened.  This has been an overwhelming […]


Testimonial – Maria

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your Stretch for Life DVD, and am really happy with the results. I was especially impressed with the in depth sections showing the muscle groups and how they interact – this has helped me to understand why I experience pain in places I […]


Testimonial – Selene

I have been going to see Tim Judd as my Osteopath for approximately the past 2 years. I have been to numerous Chiropractors and physiotherapists throughout my life due to riding horses from a young age and felt that I never got the relief I could have.  Since seeing Tim Judd I have found instant […]


Testimonial – Pieter and Margaret

The Stretch For Life DVD is a great resource to have at home. Each stretch has clear instructions that are easy to follow and supported with specific images. It provides reassurance that I am performing the stretches correctly and motivation to perform the stretches on a regular basis. I have no hesitation in recommending this […]

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