Testimonial – Lynda


As a result of an work accident 2 years ago, I have had severe pain in my hips.

I work for the New Zealand Fire Service and the pain caused me to have problems doing day to day activities, maintaining my fitness for work and I could not sleep on my side. I was referred to a physiotherapist by a orthopedic surgeon for 2 years and the pain got worse.

About 4 months ago I was told by work colleague to try Tim Judd and what a difference he made immediately.  Tim is a natural listener and has been meticulous in gathering information about my symptoms before treating me. Over the course of the treatments he used various treatment methods and he stretched the muscles in my hips and legs and I now have no pain. The results were evidenced by the speed at which I was able to return to my job, and life. I am grateful to this method of treatment, and would encourage anyone to seek Tim for any of their treatment needs.
I have found Tim to be very approachable with an empathetic manner which put me at ease straight away.
I purchased the stretch for life DVDs and these are so good they have taught me to do the stretches at home to prevent the problem from returning.
I cannot thank Tim enough as I thought I would have this pain for life. The DVD’s are a fantastic resource and value for money as you do not have to keep returning for treatment.




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