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Exercises for the Upper Body

Is This My Life Forever?

Is this my life forever? I hear this a lot in my clinic. ’My life will never be the same again…’Recently, a guy fell off a ladder – well to be precise he fell with the ladder – and came into the clinic looking very sheepish and feeling very sorry for himself.I could hear ACC […]

Intelligent Fitness

Intelligent FitnessSo You Want to Get Fitter?In my opinion there are two key elements in making for a successful fitness regime. Both important but not always easy to define. 1st Element- Have FunIf you had to choose an exercise to do, what would it be? What type of exercise do you like doing? (And bringing […]

The Secret of Jaw Pain Revealed

The Secret of Jaw Pain Revealed Who would believe simple things can make such a big difference?Jaw problems (or TMJ dysfunction for those with the lingo) are pretty common these days. One of my patients, who was an actress at the time, had a particularly voluminous and intense role to play.By the end of the show […]

The Truth About Pillows

The Truth About Pillows Its simple really…I could have made a small fortune if I was paid every time someone asked me about pillows.The truth is –  if your neck is sore when you wake in the morning, its invariably not your pillows fault. Unless you have two or more stacked up under your head […]

The TMJ, TMJ syndrome and TMJ disorder

  What is the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint? The TMJ is the jaw joint where the lower jaw (mandible) attaches to the side of the skull at the temporal plate. Join the two together and you get the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. It is like a finger joint – two bony bits with cartilage on the […]

Jaw Problems – Chronic and Common

CHRONIC JAW PAIN PROBLEMS The most common cause of chronic jaw problems is hyper- tonicity of the muscles of mastication. Simply put, the muscles we chew with are tight and have been tight for a long time. The result is clenching, or gritting the teeth of the bottom jaw, hard against the top teeth. It […]

Neck Stress from poor posture

Neck Stress Everyone has had a painful neck at some time, be it from a bad sleeping position, a long drive without rest stops or from sporting or occupational injuries. This is where you learn more about neck stress. Stress is a major contributor. When a person worries a lot or is in a constant state […]

Causes and prevention of back pain

Back Pain Back pain is the most common complaint among adults under 45 years. Back pain brings life to a complete halt and interrupts careers. Here is a quick look at the anatomy of the back. Follow the link for a 3D introduction video to the Upper Back or the Lower Back. Our body depends on the spinal column for […]

Arthritis – Home remedies

Arthritis Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. Arthritis arises from many causes and can be treated in many different ways. Arthritis classifications :  Arthritis caused by infection. Arthritis resulting from rheumatic fever. Rheumatoid arthritis. Degenerative arthritis. Arthritis due to joint injuries. Arthritis caused by gout. Arthritis originating from the nervous system. Rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis caused […]

Back pain and the Computer User

Back pain is the most common complaint among adults under 45 years of age. It can bring everything to a complete halt and interrupt your personal life and career. Here is a quick look at the anatomy of the back. Our body depends on the spinal column for structural stability and mobility. We twist, bend and flex […]