The Stretch for Life program was made by founder Osteopath Tim Judd. If you want to find out more about Tim click here. If you want to find out more about osteopathy click here. If you have more questions try our Frequently asked Questions or contact us. After years of collating and evaluating all of the osteopathic routines he uses with the patients in his thriving Auckland practice. Tim decided he should open up his knowledge to people who were rehabilitating from sports injuries or work accidents, people interested in stretching as a way to prevent injury, and people who were interested in using the osteopathic routines for finding balance and wellness in their own lives.

Tim put together a team of media professionals with an interest in wellness to put together this complete stretching workout package. Together the Stretch team created a unique media package that isolates the exercise you need and allows you to buy just the exercise routines or bundles of routines you require.

Founder – Tim Judd

If you want to find out more about Tim click here

Chief Technical Officer – Stuart McKay

Talented editor of video and television who oversees the technical requirements ensuring the Stretch for Life services are very reliable and of the highest quality. Click here to find out more about Stuart.

Media Director – Poata Eruera

Poata is a filmmaker and scriptwriter based in Auckland who script edited and directed the Stretch for Life visuals. Click here to find out more about Poata.

Stretch For Life Dispatch – Patu Paiarehe

The Despatch Manager who oversees the logistical requirements of getting the Stretch for Life orders to you.

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