Muscle Crossover

Legs walkingWhy do I have a pain in my foot when I actually have a shoulder strain?

Because of the muscle crossover, the problems can spread up into the pelvis, hips and lower back or problems can refer down from there.

Pain in the groin can be any number of issues coming from a range of directions from muscles in the thigh, to muscles from the back, a hernia, pelvic floor muscles, lymph glands, internal organs or arthritis in the hip joint.Groin-pain

Pain down the back of the leg can be tension in the hamstring muscles or it can be pain from sciatic nerve impingement up in the pelvis or the lower back.

Hamstring-Pain-from-GroinThere are many possible causes of pain and discomfort in the thigh and knee region so if you are not sure of what is going on, then you need to seek medical diagnosis from your Osteopath or GP before you start your own program. If you can localise the pain and discomfort and you feel confident enough, then try some of these exercises. You will be amazed at how successful they can be.

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