Hands – Carpal tunnel

The hand has several muscles. Some make broad, smooth movements, and others make small, finite movements. It’s the combination of the exterior and deep muscles of the hand and forearm that allow the hand to perform such detailed tasks.

carpal tunnel diagramCarpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by repeated movements, like everyday use of a computer keyboard or mouse. Symptoms are tingling and numbness in the hands or fingers. This syndrome puts pressure on the median nerve which runs through the wrist on the thumb side of the hand. Special devices, such as braces or specialized keyboards, or technique changes can improve the condition, but sometimes surgery is needed to relieve the pressure. Preventative stretching and strengthening is an extremely viable option.

In the Arms and Hands Zone, Osteopath Tim Judd explains the triggers to arm and hand problems. The 3D animation will show how the arms and hands function and the numerous reasons for your discomfort or pain.

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