What is Stretch for Life?

Stretch-for-Life-Double-DVD-ALTERNATE-Lower-body-pain-Upper-body-painStretch for Life is a stretching and strengthening program devised by Stretch for Life founder, Osteopath Tim Judd. More about Tim here.

This stretching programme is the result of 20 years as a practicing Osteopath.

As Tim remembers:

Patients would often forget the exercises I prescribed and as I could not find a credible source of information to direct them to, I put this program together for their benefit.

Stretch for Life divides the body into eight regions over two volumes and the program ranges from beginners through to the advanced. Clear, uncluttered instruction will guide you to rehabilitate and re-educate muscle, tissue and function. 3D animation will take you into the body to see what can trigger your issues. Stretch for Life gives your body the greatest benefit in the shortest possible time.

To learn more about the DVD collection click here

To read more from Tim’s Blog click here. To check out Tim’s Auckland practice click here. For information about conditions that affect the body click here.

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