The Essentials – Jaw


The jaw is quite a complex joint. It has a small semi mobile disc in the middle and it has a two-stage action. In the first stage the jawbone rotates and the second stage is a glide. So when there is too much tension in the muscles of the jaw there is increased compression within the joint and the disc can be dislodged and the ratio of the slide to glide can be altered. This is most often what causes the jaw to click. So with the jaw there are two things to note. One: does your jaw click and two: how much tension is in the muscles of your jaw.

These specific jaw remedies are recommended to relieve pain and discomfort with jaw articulation and jaw massage in under 4 minutes.

To understand fully how your jaw functions, take a few minutes to watch the Jaw Introduction video with 3D animation in the Jaw Zone or download it with the specific jaw remedies as a reference for future problems.

Download Essential Jaw remedies:  Duration: 3′.13″

Remember, the Essentials are for immediate relief. For ongoing repair and maintenance you will need to incorporate the entire Jaw Chapter.

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