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The Essentials – Upper Back

One of the most common reasons for discomfort and pain in the Upper Back Zone is the forward stoop presentation. This increased curve in the upper back is created by many factors. Poor posture is a huge contributor. Between each vertebra there is also a set of joints, one on each side, commonly called facet joints. These comprise of […]

Upper Back Overview

The upper back is essentially composed of the thoracic spine, the rib cage and related muscles. Simplistically these include what we call the erector spinae group or paraspinals, which are a bundle of muscles that run along each side of the spine and go from the head to the pelvis. Additionally, there are the intercostals […]

Posture -Slouching When Seated

Slouching and slumping puts unnecessary strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. Bad posture causes a domino effect of pain and discomfort throughout your whole body. There are many reasons for your posture that you have. One is that you genetically inherited it. Some of us inherit a very upright posture while others inherit a very slumped […]

What is Stretch for Life?

Stretch for Life is a stretching and strengthening program devised by Stretch for Life founder, Osteopath Tim Judd. More about Tim here. This stretching programme is the result of 20 years as a practicing Osteopath. As Tim remembers: Patients would often forget the exercises I prescribed and as I could not find a credible source […]