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Lower Back Problems – Muscle Tension

There are many reasons why you get a sore lower back. Too much sitting, inherited tendencies or poor habits will contribute. In simple terms it is because there is too much tension in some muscles and too much slack in others. The mechanics of the spine, sacrum and pelvis become dysfunctional and you become increasingly susceptible […]

Neck pain – Ongoing problems

Everyone has neck pain or knows someone who has a stiff or sore neck. There are many reasons for ongoing neck problems ranging from inherited tendencies, poor posture, occupational positions, sporting activities or stress. If you are a worrier and in a relatively constant state of anxiety or are someone who is experiencing significant stress over a […]

Knees and Thighs Overview

The knee joint is like two long bones with roundish ends stacked on top of each other with a couple of cartilage washers in between taking up the slack. Internal and external ligament straps hold the knee together and muscles that come down from the thigh, wrap around the knee and attach to the lower […]