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Testimonial – Lynda

As a result of an work accident 2 years ago, I have had severe pain in my hips. I work for the New Zealand Fire Service and the pain caused me to have problems doing day to day activities, maintaining my fitness for work and I could not sleep on my side. I was referred […]

Testimonial – Pieter and Margaret

The Stretch For Life DVD is a great resource to have at home. Each stretch has clear instructions that are easy to follow and supported with specific images. It provides reassurance that I am performing the stretches correctly and motivation to perform the stretches on a regular basis. I have no hesitation in recommending this […]

Shoulders – Overview

The shoulders commonly have a lot to do with our posture. We can recognize our poor posture by the position of our shoulders. Our prime postural presentation actually comes from our torso but imbalances in the shoulder muscles can help pull us forward into poor postural habits. Imbalance between the shoulder mechanism can also create a […]

Stretch for Life – the DVD collection

STRETCH FOR LIFE Clear and visually appealing with easy to follow instructions for healing and wellness                     The Stretch for Life program is the result of 20 years as a practicing Osteopath. Patients would often forget the exercises I prescribed and as I could not find a […]