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The Essentials – Shoulders

An intense pain on the inside of your shoulder blades indicates your shoulders are too far forward and the muscles at the back just can’t cope with the strain any longer as they try to prevent the shoulders dropping off the front. This results in pain and inflammation. In short, the back muscles are sore and […]

The Essentials – Upper Back

One of the most common reasons for discomfort and pain in the Upper Back Zone is the forward stoop presentation. This increased curve in the upper back is created by many factors. Poor posture is a huge contributor. Between each vertebra there is also a set of joints, one on each side, commonly called facet joints. These comprise of […]

Muscle Crossover

Why do I have a pain in my foot when I actually have a shoulder strain? Because of the muscle crossover, the problems can spread up into the pelvis, hips and lower back or problems can refer down from there. Pain in the groin can be any number of issues coming from a range of […]

Shoulders – Overview

The shoulders commonly have a lot to do with our posture. We can recognize our poor posture by the position of our shoulders. Our prime postural presentation actually comes from our torso but imbalances in the shoulder muscles can help pull us forward into poor postural habits. Imbalance between the shoulder mechanism can also create a […]