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Healthy diet during pregnancy

Healthy Diet If you find it hard to keep up a balanced healthy diet during your first trimester,  you are not alone. Some women will eat all of the time and gain a lot of weight, Others women might trouble eating and subsequently lose weight. Preventing malnutrition and dehydration are your most important considerations during the first trimester. Calories […]

Hips and Pelvis Overview

 This region is quite complicated because we have a lot of muscle influence coming down from the spine, up from the thighs and muscles that traverse the pelvis. It is the foundation for the spine and for the legs swing off it. But in the interests of keeping it simple we will just concentrate on the […]

Pregnancy – Back, Pelvic & Leg Pain

Aches and pains are common during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that it is normal,  or that you need to just put up with it. Osteopaths are able to help your body adjust to the changes it undergoes whilst pregnant, helping to minimise aches and pains in your back, pelvis, hips or anywhere else that […]

Postpartum Symptoms

An overview of postpartum symptoms. Baby blues: Occurrence: 80% of new mothers Onset: Up until third week postpartum. Signs: moodiness, weepiness, nervousness, sleeplessness. Treatment: Resolves on its own, though increased communication with caring people and catching up on lost sleep helps. Implications for the future: not an indication as to whether or not a woman […]