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Pelvic Pain. What is it. What causes it.

Pelvic Pain What causes it? Pelvic pain is a broad term that encompasses pain in any part of the pelvis. These include sacral and sacroiliac pain at the back, hip pain around at the sides and groin, pubic symphysis and ligament pain at the front. The Pubic Symphysis is a fibrocartilage joint. It’s a little […]

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Pubic Symphysis The pubic symphysis (PS) is where the two halves of the pelvis join at the front. You can feel it in the midline of your pubic bone under your pubic hair. During pregnancy this can become very painful, increasingly so as the pregnancy progresses and your abdomen gets bigger. The PS is a […]

Lower Back Problems – Hip Flexors and Abbs

The hip flexors are attached to the front of the lumbar vertebrae and come down through the groin to attach to the thigh. They traverse the sacroiliac joints, where the sacrum joins to the pelvis, they also traverse the hip joints. These muscles have a massive influence area and when tight they compress the entire lower back, […]

The Essentials – Lower Back

The lower back includes the lumbar spine and all the associated muscles in this region. The spine is vertebrae stacked on top of each other with a disc in between and nerves that exit between each vertebra. Between each vertebra are a set of joints, one on each side called facet joints. These are two smooth cartilage surfaces, […]

Hips and Pelvis pain

Pain in the groin is common. The muscle usually involved is the Hip Flexor or Psoas. The Hip Flexor is attached to the front of each of the lumbar vertebrae.It traverses through the pelvis and exits at the groin attaching to the upper thigh bone or Femur. Tightness in this muscle can cause inflammation at its attachment point creating pain […]

Muscle Crossover

Why do I have a pain in my foot when I actually have a shoulder strain? Because of the muscle crossover, the problems can spread up into the pelvis, hips and lower back or problems can refer down from there. Pain in the groin can be any number of issues coming from a range of […]

Hips and Pelvis Overview

 This region is quite complicated because we have a lot of muscle influence coming down from the spine, up from the thighs and muscles that traverse the pelvis. It is the foundation for the spine and for the legs swing off it. But in the interests of keeping it simple we will just concentrate on the […]

Common Injuries

Most common injuries  can be successfully treated with stretching routines and Osteopathy. The most common Home Injuries Falling from stairs and ramps or on floor Falling from beds, wrong mattress and pillow resulting in neck and back problems Falling from chairs, sofas and sofa beds Slipping, falling and hitting head and back on bathroom structures and fixtures Slamming […]