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Neck Stress from poor posture

Neck Stress Everyone has had a painful neck at some time, be it from a bad sleeping position, a long drive without rest stops or from sporting or occupational injuries. This is where you learn more about neck stress. Stress is a major contributor. When a person worries a lot or is in a constant state […]

The Essentials – Neck

Your neck is an essential and vulnerable part of your body. Keep the muscles loose so they don’t jam up and realign your posture to minimize any perpetuating factors coming up from your upper back or shoulders. These specific neck mobilisation stretches are recommended to relieve pain and stiffness. It will release the forward, side […]

Neck pain – Ongoing problems

Everyone has neck pain or knows someone who has a stiff or sore neck. There are many reasons for ongoing neck problems ranging from inherited tendencies, poor posture, occupational positions, sporting activities or stress. If you are a worrier and in a relatively constant state of anxiety or are someone who is experiencing significant stress over a […]

Posture -Slouching When Seated

Slouching and slumping puts unnecessary strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back. Bad posture causes a domino effect of pain and discomfort throughout your whole body. There are many reasons for your posture that you have. One is that you genetically inherited it. Some of us inherit a very upright posture while others inherit a very slumped […]