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The Essentials – Lower Back

The lower back includes the lumbar spine and all the associated muscles in this region. The spine is vertebrae stacked on top of each other with a disc in between and nerves that exit between each vertebra. Between each vertebra are a set of joints, one on each side called facet joints. These are two smooth cartilage surfaces, […]

What are the Essentials?

The Essential downloads are designed by wellness expert and Osteopath Tim Judd for immediate pain relief. The Essentials are strategic techniques to relieve the parts of your body that are painful, strained or have suffered injury. These Essential techniques are designed to relieve, enable freer movement and improved function. (For ongoing repair and rehabilitation you will need to complete the whole regime in […]

Lower Back Problems – Muscle Tension

There are many reasons why you get a sore lower back. Too much sitting, inherited tendencies or poor habits will contribute. In simple terms it is because there is too much tension in some muscles and too much slack in others. The mechanics of the spine, sacrum and pelvis become dysfunctional and you become increasingly susceptible […]

What is Stretch for Life?

Stretch for Life is a stretching and strengthening program devised by Stretch for Life founder, Osteopath Tim Judd. More about Tim here. This stretching programme is the result of 20 years as a practicing Osteopath. As Tim remembers: Patients would often forget the exercises I prescribed and as I could not find a credible source […]