Stretching and Strengthening Routines

Stretching and Strengthening Routines 

Most people like routines to follow. Although the Stretch for Life Program is designed as a 'find and fix' solution, meaning if you have a sore part, you go to the relevant region, do the work and see if you can fix it yourself. However, there is huge value in following a routine that is a continuum from one region to the next, to the next, which essentially is an excellent maintenance program. With simplicity in mind I have created routines for the Lower and Upper bodies. Included in each of these is stretching and strengthening routines for individuals and assisted stretch routines , with a partner, for the lower body. These of course, don't go into any great detail on the inner workings of the body or the usual in depth knowledge but, as said, they provide excellent material for general maintenance. 

Upper Body Routines - Stretch and Strengthen

These routines are a great way to keep the regions of your upper body in good working order. It's a nice and simple set that you can easily achieve at home. It is not an extensive set, but it contains exercises that give a good coverage of your upper body. The strengthening exercises included are the basic ones, that if worked at diligently, will really increase your muscle tone without needing to become a Rambo. Again, these don't give you the in depth knowledge that the individual regional instructions do. but they are an excellent combination to provide you with a more flexible and toned upper body. For a more indepth strengthening program you will need to seek the advice of a personal trainer.

Lower Body Routines - Stretch and Strengthen

These routines are a series of exercises that will give the greatest improvement and rehabilitation for your legs, hips and lower back. I have picked the most important ones that will give the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time. As you become more familiar with what you personally need, you can substitute certain exercises for others.

Generally, one exercise will flow into the other for a greater efficiency of time and energy.

You should also be well versed with the importance and techniques of breathing .I can’t stress enough how essential correct breathing techniques are for these routines. Remember, breathe in on the relax phase. and out on the stretch. Count two on the in, and four or more, on the out.  Do each stretch six to ten times or as many that best suits your level.

Assisted Stretch Routines

There is no better stretch than when someone else does it to you. BodyWorks Osteopath Tim Judd presents a complete assisted stretching routine for you and a stretch partner, to maintain and mobilise your lower body. This routine is aimed at people who have completed each SFL chapter of the Lower Body as there are no accompanying instructions on how to do the stretches properly and effectively. It is important that both you and your stretch partner have watched the relevant chapters. A good stretch partner is mindful of your pain threshold and tolerance. Remember your breathing. Breathe in on the relax phase and a long slow out on the stretch phase.

Assisted Lower Body Routine

Lower Back, Abbs and leg strengthening is pretty straightforward. Strengthening the calf muscles strengthens the ankles. Strengthening the thigh muscles strengthens the knees and helps tighten the buttocks Strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles supports the spine and provides the foundation for a better physiological posture.

Doing the exercises to strengthen the lower back will also strengthen your upper back. Just a small increase in strength can make a huge difference to your wellbeing, and a significant decrease in pain levels.

Good Posture - What we strive for

Here is where we tie all the postural elements together.  People are a complex mix of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components that need to be in harmony. We must create balance in our bodies and in our lives and get rid of tension before it affects our ability to live a complete life.

This is the grunt of posture exercises. This video contains all the exercises you need to develop perfect posture with in the parameters of your own personal body type. No region in the body is independent from other regions in the body, To get good results in repairing one region, we need to incorporate corrections in neighbouring regions. It includes exercises from your pelvis, lower and upper back, shoulders and neck.

This videos look at the bigger picture and captures the essence of what is required, giving a quicker and perhaps more complete fix, to an area that is concerning you. It gives you an overview to deal with problematic situations on the run. It incorporates exercises from neighbouring regions to facilitate a faster more encompassing process.

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