Relief, Repair, Maintain

At Stretch for Life we want our website to be like our lives should be - clean, simple, uncluttered and well informed.

Our journey is simple: 

* To give you the best medically-proven stretching exercises that work;

*  Clear instruction and visually uncluttered filming to make it easy for you to understand and follow;

*  3-D animation to show how your body works and the triggers that cause your discomfort or pain;

* A selection of digital platforms that best suit your devices be it downloading or streaming and even shipping dvd's if you prefer. GO MOBILE. Stream to your smartphone or digital device,

Let's get your body moving.

Which part of your body is giving you pain or discomfort? Click the link below or on the main menu.

Go to the Upper Body Chapters and Osteopath Tim Judd will show you what causes your pain.

The Jaw The Neck - The Upper Back - The Shoulders - The Arms and Hands

Or go to the Lower Body Chapters and see, with the help of 3D animation, what triggers your pain.

The Lower Back - The Hips and Pelvis - The Knees and Thighs - The Legs, Feet and Ankles

The SFL home-based program is designed to meet the needs of your specific situation.

      • Have you got pain because of a recent acute muscle strain in your neck, shoulders or back? Or is the pain because of a more complex strain pattern that has developed over many years?
      • Do you want a quick fix or do you want to do some serious repair work?
      • Do you want a maintenance program to reap the benefits of better health for many years to come?

A major Stretch for Life goal is that you have as much information as possible enabling you with the tools to take more responsibility for yourself and your families health. In each stretch exercise you get detailed explanations of how to do them properly and effectively. The multiple camera angles make it easy for you to see clearly what is happening in each demonstration.

3D video animation takes you inside your body to see where the problematic muscles are and how they are causing pain in your body.

The Stretch for Life motto is - relief, repair, maintain.


Get immediate relief and mobility for the affected area of your body. If you have a recent muscle strain that is not too severe then all you could need are a few essential exercises to gain a more immediate response.

This is a short-term solution which, when targeted correctly, will give you quick and immediate results. Essential Exercises can be viewed here.


Download the zone chapter to relieve and repair the affected part of your body. When the problem is deeper and wider spread you will need to do a more in depth program that requires exercises that cover a more complete range of muscles in the problem zone. For this you will need all the information in the chapter of the body zone that is causing you problems.

The chapters include the essential exercises plus many more you can do on your own. Also, exercises you can do with a partner, which will give you significantly improved results. There are also simple strengthening exercises which will give your body a greater stability.


Start with the Chapter that best suits your current issue. Then move to the neighbouring chapter of the body. For example if your neck is causing you grief, start with the neck chapter then move on to the jaw or shoulder chapter to bring them into line. Continue throughout the body until you feel fantastic.  As the old song tells us, every bone is connected to another bone so address the neighboring regions if you want long term results.

Be aware of your posture. Check out the posture section to understand the importance of good posture and ways to form better postural habits at home, at work and at play.

We hope you find our website helpful and informative. Your comments and suggestions will be received with appreciation

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