I am serious about this.

And I am more than happy to put my money where my mouth is if it will help you to stop worrying when you get muscle strain or muscle and joint pain. It is not going to be your life forever.

The Xmas and summer break is almost upon us. What activities will you be doing? Swimming, tennis, golf, beach volley ball, backyard cricket, frisbee throwing, chilling out with a book, trekking, horse riding, diving, hang gliding or camping with the family?

You're in the middle of nowhere, the tent is pitched and you play ball with your child. You reach to catch the ball and BOOM! you pull a back muscle. What do you do?

Whatever you have planned for this summer break, something as simple as getting out of the deck chair, reaching for a half-volley on the tennis court or just walking out in the country can cause you grief. Suddenly, you have a stiff back, a sore shoulder or muscle spasm in your legs or thighs. What do you do?

​If you are prone to a recurring muscular problems in your lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders or hips for example, as an Osteopath I recommend you consider downloading The Essential Package for the area that could or does give you grief.

​I have designed The Essentials to give immediate pain and stiffness relief, and to improve your mobility and loosen tight muscles to release tension.

But you don't have to wait until the problem occurs, these are also excellent preventative measures.

Money where my mouth is?​

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In fact, I will go halves with you on anything on this website that you think will help you stave off pain and immobility​ this summer.

So stop worrying and get downloading to have a worry-free summer!


Tim Judd​