Ninja Osteopath Breaks Ankle

Ninja Osteopath Breaks Ankle

Yes, sad but true.

In my mid 40’s, not that long ago (yeah right) I decided to take up martial arts.

Nothing too martial - read serious fighting. It was an artistic form of Kung Fu called Wu Shu. It was a bit fruity but I enjoyed getting my head around the moves. Occasionally we would do hardening practice, which as the name suggests, were exercises to make us into hardened warriors (snicker all you like).

Anyway, one of the exercises was to run, plant both hands on the mat and flipping over, land on your feet. I thought that if those young bucks could do it then so could I.

Shockingly, I actually became quite proficient at it… until they decided to put a thicker mat down for my contemporaries who were struggling to keep up with this Rambo. To cut a long story short… the mat was thicker but narrower… I go over, my foot lands on the edge of the mat, rolls out and makes a sound like a wet stick breaking. Whilst still trying to maintain my Rambo pretense and an internal diatribe resembling panicked psychosis - "I'm fine, I'm fine. Yes, I'll be OK to drive, Yes, I'm sure".

I shuffle out the door and drive home thinking " I have done it now". Next morning after treating a couple of people at my clinic who I couldn’t cancel, I headed off to the hospital - and yes, it was a fractured fibular just above the ankle. That is my negative experience of Martial Arts, but there is a positive.

One of the other hardening exercise we had to do was a kind of lunge walk up and down the gym until we could barely walk. Now this had tangible value, I realised in hindsight.

I enjoy  running, although some would call it more of a stagger-lurch affair. I used to get plagued by  sore knees about twenty or thirty minutes into it. But after doing the martial arts hardening lunge exercise, my knee problems went away.

I tested it out on my Dad in his mid-seventies. He was going to Austria for skiing  and was a bit worried about his knees.  Guess what? Success there too. So, I prescribe this exercise to my patients who have knee problems and it works for them too.

If you are having trouble with your knees and would like to know more about it and how to fix them then lunge your way to and sort yourself out. If you can’t,  then head off to your osteopath to get a warrant of fitness first.

Tim Judd

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