Is This My Life Forever?

Is this my life forever?

I hear this a lot in my clinic. ’My life will never be the same again…’

Recently, a guy fell off a ladder - well to be precise he fell with the ladder - and came into the clinic looking very sheepish and feeling very sorry for himself.

I could hear ACC saying…’for crying out loud, not another one!’ (Ladder accidents are high among domestic statistics)

He was pretty shaken but nothing was broken. He could barely move - his lower back was torturing him.

And there it was - ‘what have I done to myself. Is this my life forever?’

“If I had just anchored the bottom of the ladder ....”

Hindsight is indeed 20-20.

It’s pretty common for people to believe that - what they are experiencing after a shock to the body system - is a life sentence. ‘I’ve done it now, this is me for the rest of my life” they proclaim.

​On his next visit, ladder guy swaggered in. “It’s a miracle. It’s like it never happened. What you did last time really worked.”

​It was my turn to look sheepish - because he could have done it himself.

I fully understand the “patient mentality” when people believe they need a trained professional "because this could be life threatening".

My car developed a horrendous squeal in the right front wheel. Surely it was going to explode, fall apart and force me off the road and over a cliff.

I nursed it gently to my trusted mechanic – thankfully, without going over the “inevitable cliff”.

The mechanic told me it was just a small stone lodged between the disk and the brake pad. (a small stone? Come on! For something to make that much noise (pain) it must be a boulder!)

Or something far worse!

“Just take the wheel off, flick the “pebble” out with a screw driver, put the wheel back on and problem solved”, instructed my mechanic. “If you want me to do it, you’ll have a bit of a wait and pay the minimum charge”.

Doubting the simplicity of the solution, I waited an hour for my turn and for less than five minutes watched him do exactly what he diagnosed. I walked away with a $79 bill but satisfied myself that if it really was something “major” he would have spotted it.

My point is, most things are really easy to fix when it comes to the back, neck or whatever muscle or joint is in pain or spasm. Most things are not a life sentence. Something can be done about it and often you can do it yourself.

The word I value most in my clinic is Trust.

It takes a lot to earn Trust - professionalism, skill, compassion, experience, results and genuine care for patients. I value that immensely in my relationship with my clientele.

Yet, when I suggest they can fix something themselves before or instead of coming to me, they give me the “mechanic look”.

I’m not referring to medical emergencies like heart attacks, broken bones and suchlike. I’m talking about muscle shock, muscle pain and muscle spasm. My field of expertise.

In truth, even the ladder guy could have self-administered pain relief and mobility repair to his aching back on his lounge floor. Then he could come to me for adjustment - which would have cost him one session instead of three.

Those of you reading this have either been a patient, purchased something from my website or just want to know more.  So, take it from me - at the time, a strained neck, back, shoulder, hip or any part of your body will  seem like a life sentence​ of pain and disability.

In most cases, it isn't. ​There are simple fixes you can do yourself or your trusted partner can do them on you. I can show you how to ease the pain and get mobility back enough to not have to stoop, grapple, sidle or crawl around. 

Talk is cheap so I will put my money where my mouth is.

Taking a page from my trusted mechanic's book, I will show you what I would do in your first session, be it for a sore neck, cricked back, painful shoulder or clicking jaw. I will explain in clear visuals and narration how YOU can do it.

I will also give you a quick overview in 3D animation of what is happening in that part of your body so you can have confidence and trust that what you are about to do is completely medically based.

​Follow this link - - to see how to stop worrying, relieve pain and save money.


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