I Think I’m Going Weak At The Knees

I Think I'm Going Weak At The Knees

Yes its an epidemic - it's like a plague that is bearing down upon us and we don’t notice until its almost too late.

Research I read a while back stated that it is better for elderly people to do weight bearing exercises because of the types of benefits they get from it.  Like increased muscle mass, which makes you stronger. Muscle stores more nutrient and improves your metabolism. It makes your bones stronger by increasing the density.

These two advantages alone minimise falls and fractures in the elderly. This is of course, not diminishing the importance of cardio fitness, but there is a clear call for strengthening those muscles.

This comes to mind because in my clinic I treat some quite elderly folk. Sadly,  I am of the age group where our mums, dads, aunts and uncles are all elderly. I do love them dearly.

The thing that astounds me, even with women of my age group, is the gradual decline in leg strength. They get down on the floor,  and uh-oh, what a mission getting back up.

It occurred to me that we tend to bend over to pick things up off the floor, using our backs and not our legs. Over the years, leg strength diminishes and before you know it you can’t get back up and you are stuck down there until someone comes along to help you back to your feet.

This seems to be more of a women thing and I will step out here and suggest that they spend more time picking stuff up than men do - a generalisation, I know, but..

I notice this happening with myself. Not because I am a bend-over picker-up-er, but because I spend a lot of time in one room doing my craft. Muscle strength fades away when not actively used. So heed my warning. Start strengthening those legs. Find an exercise or stretch that suits you and you won’t be left on the floor when every one else is up having fun.

Go to http://stretchforlife.co.nz/knees-and-thighs-pain-relief/ and start hardening up. Remember this when you start struggling to get back up off the floor…start now to keep those legs pumping.

Tim Judd

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