I Had To Laugh

Actually it was really more of a smile .

Over the past few weeks at my clinic a few of the patients have been very descriptive of their efforts to fix their sore backs. Admittedly it has been more the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff for some and the top of the cliff for others.

“…if you could have seen me, I was like a beached whale on the floor flailing around trying to stretch my back to relieve the pain…”

“…I was like a seal on the floor writhing around trying to fix my back…”

​I loved it… it was hilarious…I smiled as my imagination ran wild with their imagery…

In fact I was thrilled…I applaud their efforts. Here were some people who tried really hard to sort their problem out themselves before crawling into the clinic.

​Unfortunately, their efforts were a little ‘bottom of the cliff’.

My primary aim as an osteopath is to give and make available as much information…and as many tools as possible… for people to help themselves, their family and friends.

I don’t seem to be able to limit the flow of folk into my clinic…no matter how seemingly mean I am (witnessed by the groans of readjustment)…I cannot stem the tide…you know why?

It’s because what I do .... works.

…apart from a bit of readjustment clicking what I do most of is stretching people…seemingly to within an inch of their lives at times…or so it seems, but this is what is needed. As I have said previously we are gradually shrink wrapped by our muscles over time…which makes us susceptible to ‘incidents’ - some quite small - that can lead to catastrophic melt downs.

Romantic gestures gone wrong…you wouldn’t believe the stories.

Unfortunately cliff edge stretching is seldom as successful as we would like…too little to late…

​I give out exercises at nearly every treatment…


​because they work…


because over the last twenty years I have refined and refined and put together the best - most efficient stretches - that get the very best results… the fastest way possible…taking the least amount of time…for any part of your body…for you to get back up and running.

But they don’t work if you don’t do them…like Lotto…if you don’t buy a ticket there is NO WAY you can win.

And guess what…?

I use these very same exercises on my patients every day, usually only takes a couple of sessions…job done.

Do yourself a favour…save yourself some time and money by including a bit of stretching in your fitness regime.

Don’t have one?…well start one…no matter how small…start one…

Go for it.


​P.S. if you have forgotten your exercises or need some home help go to stretchforlife.co.nz or stretchforlife.co.nz/putting-my-money-where-my-mouth-is/

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