Immediate Lower Back Pain and Stiffness Relief

Essential Lower Back

Immediate lower back pain and stiffness relief           

(Duration : 21.16s)

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To understand fully how your lower back functions, take a few minutes to watch the introduction with 3D animation in the Lower Back Zone. Learn from online osteopath Tim Judd about the lower back through medical anatomy and 3D animation. Or download it with the ultimate lower back regime as a reference for future problems.

These stretching exercises are filmed with multiple camera angles so you can clearly see what is going on.  Online osteopath, Tim Judd will lead you through each exercise either in narration or participation so you can feel confident you are doing it right.

Remember, these stretches are to give you lower back pain relief and mobility, so you can function well enough to get your lower back remedied by an osteopath or doctor if pain returns.

HD Video perfect for your tablet, smart TV, computer or mobile device.
ESS2-011 Essential Lower Back Ultimate routine. From The Lower Body Stretch for Life DVD.
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