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The Secret of Jaw Pain Revealed

The Secret of Jaw Pain Revealed Who would believe simple things can make such a big difference?Jaw problems (or TMJ dysfunction for those with the lingo) are pretty common these days. One of my patients, who was an actress at the time, had a particularly voluminous and intense role to play.By the end of the show […]

The TMJ, TMJ syndrome and TMJ disorder

  What is the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint? The TMJ is the jaw joint where the lower jaw (mandible) attaches to the side of the skull at the temporal plate. Join the two together and you get the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. It is like a finger joint – two bony bits with cartilage on the […]

Jaw Problems – Chronic and Common

CHRONIC JAW PAIN PROBLEMS The most common cause of chronic jaw problems is hyper- tonicity of the muscles of mastication. Simply put, the muscles we chew with are tight and have been tight for a long time. The result is clenching, or gritting the teeth of the bottom jaw, hard against the top teeth. It […]

The Essentials – Jaw

The jaw is quite a complex joint. It has a small semi mobile disc in the middle and it has a two-stage action. In the first stage the jawbone rotates and the second stage is a glide. So when there is too much tension in the muscles of the jaw there is increased compression within […]

The Essentials – Neck

Your neck is an essential and vulnerable part of your body. Keep the muscles loose so they don’t jam up and realign your posture to minimize any perpetuating factors coming up from your upper back or shoulders. These specific neck mobilisation stretches are recommended to relieve pain and stiffness. It will release the forward, side […]

What are the Essentials?

The Essential downloads are designed by wellness expert and Osteopath Tim Judd for immediate pain relief. The Essentials are strategic techniques to relieve the parts of your body that are painful, strained or have suffered injury. These Essential techniques are designed to relieve, enable freer movement and improved function. (For ongoing repair and rehabilitation you will need to complete the whole regime in […]

Relief, Repair, Maintenance

The SFL home-based program is designed to meet the needs of your specific situation. Have you got pain because of a recent acute muscle strain, or because of a more complex strain pattern that has developed over many years? Do you want a quick fix or do you want to do some serious repair work? Do you […]

Stretch for Life 3D animation

3D animation. What does it cost? Outsourcing to India can be US$40 per second. In the rest of the world it can be between $100 and $300 per second. Does that sound expensive? Then consider this. Human forms in 3D animation (like Shrek for example) have their skin on so the animation is more concerned on […]