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Pelvic Pain. What is it. What causes it.

Pelvic Pain What causes it? Pelvic pain is a broad term that encompasses pain in any part of the pelvis. These include sacral and sacroiliac pain at the back, hip pain around at the sides and groin, pubic symphysis and ligament pain at the front. The Pubic Symphysis is a fibrocartilage joint. It’s a little […]

Healthy diet during pregnancy

Healthy Diet If you find it hard to keep up a balanced healthy diet during your first trimester,  you are not alone. Some women will eat all of the time and gain a lot of weight, Others women might trouble eating and subsequently lose weight. Preventing malnutrition and dehydration are your most important considerations during the first trimester. Calories […]

Pregnancy – Morning sickness

Morning sickness Before we discuss morning sickness, lets look at the first thing to do. Once you have a positive pregnancy test, see your your healthcare provider so that you can have a history, a physical exam and necessary medical checks. You should be eating well, looking after yourself by exercising and taking prenatal vitamins. Starting off […]

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Pubic Symphysis The pubic symphysis (PS) is where the two halves of the pelvis join at the front. You can feel it in the midline of your pubic bone under your pubic hair. During pregnancy this can become very painful, increasingly so as the pregnancy progresses and your abdomen gets bigger. The PS is a […]

Pregnancy Muscle Pain

Pregnancy muscle pain There is not much mystery to the development or exacerbation of pain during pregnancy. Your body is like a biomechanical machine and all the parts need to be able to go through their normal range of motion. This where pregnancy muscle pain begins. From conception onward, there is an increase in internal pressure putting […]

Pregnancy – Back, Pelvic & Leg Pain

Aches and pains are common during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that it is normal,  or that you need to just put up with it. Osteopaths are able to help your body adjust to the changes it undergoes whilst pregnant, helping to minimise aches and pains in your back, pelvis, hips or anywhere else that […]