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Stretch for Life Osteopath Tim Judd presents an indepth and 3D look at the causes of stress and strain in all areas of your upper and lower body. His series of targeted stretching routines focus on relieving, repairing, maintaining and rejuvenating stressed bodies and is presented in an easy to follow and visually appealing way.

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Over 100 Stretches for every part of your body.

These DVDs are a culmination of years of treating patients at his clinic and research into the best ways for people to diagnose and heal themselves safely and effectively at home. He sees patients who have outlaid travel time and travel expense to consult on anatomical problems that need only a simple stretch to remedy the ailment.

While a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, Tim goes to great lengths to explain, and show with 3D animation, how the body functions and the various triggers that can cause pain and discomfort. Then he presents you with researched, developed and proven stretching techniques that will relieve pain, repair muscle and joint damage and maintain your body to its maximum efficiency. The multiple camera angles ensure you can see every detail of the stretching technique, while Tim’s narration will clearly instruct you how to get the most out of the stretch.

Strengthening Routines for every part of your body.

The routines in each volume are an effective montage of exercises honed into a routine that will assist you in stretching and strengthening the body zone of choice. 

Upper Body Chapters Volume 1 – $23.99

  1.  Neck and Jaw
  2. The upper back
  3. The shoulders
  4. Arms and hands
  5. Posture
  6. Upper body routines.

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Lower Body Chapters Volume 2 – $23.99

  1. Lower back
  2. Hips and pelvis
  3. Knees and thighs
  4. Feet and ankles
  5. Posture
  6. Lower body routines

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I have combined the medical approach of Osteopathy with disciplines from yoga, martial arts and techniques I have designed myself. I have interlaced these to create a simple and effective group of stretching and strengthening exercises
– Tim Judd


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Two Set DVDs – Volume 1 and Volume 2 – $29.99


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