Are You Being Shrink Wrapped?

Are You Being Shrink Wrapped?

Bad Boy Bubby - the protagonist with a penchant for wrapping people tightly in shrink-wrap in the 1993 movie by director Rold De Heer -  is I think, one of the more bizarre movies that has ever been made but never-the-less, memorable. It sticks in my mind because on a daily basis I have people come to my Osteopathic clinic who appear to have had a run-in with Bad Boy Bubby.

Without proper attention muscles gradually tighten - and tighten - and tighten. Generally they give you a bit of warning.  A niggle here, a twitch there, an occasional stab there. Sometimes there is no warning - and suddenly you can find yourself immobile on the floor - or if you are unlucky,  at some very inconvenient or embarrassing place. This happened to me once. I know!  The osteopath with a crippled back.

It was our first day of filming the Stretch for Life project. I had to stand in front of a camera for about six hours straight filming the voice overs, occasionally Poata the director would drag me off to gaze into the horizon to get rid of my screen eyes.

The editor did say that I looked good right up to the end. Yeah, right.

It was extreme, I couldn’t waver around because I would go out of frame, I had to stand in one place for what seemed like forever. I don’t know why nobody (including myself) thought of using a chair. When I went to get out of bed the next morning, OMG - I couldn’t believe it! Me, the osteopath, crawling along the floor trying to get up. I have kept this to myself mostly. How could I shatter the illusion of the invincible osteopath calmly going about his craft.

The point is, being really still for an extended period of time, adds stress to the mix and BAM. Muscle melt down.

Take a look at your life, your work, your play. Are you in one place for lengthy periods of time?

Is there some way of altering what and how you do your tasks to get more muscle movement?

One thing is if you are on a mouse a lot of the time, adjust it so you have to move the mouse further to get the same cursor movement. Therefore the muscles in your fore arms get more activity and are less likely to get occupational over use.

Don’t wait until you can barely hold a cup or peel a potato. Do something now while the going is reasonably good. What's the saying? A stitch in time saves nine.

That's all for now.

Tim Judd

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