5 Things You Must Know For Good Health

5 Things You Must Know For Good Health

Yes its true.

From my twenty years as an osteopath, my obsession with good health, my own brush with burn - out and my wife’s journey with melanoma, there are a few bottom line things that one would be wise to address. That is IF you are interested in fine tuning the machine to get better mileage and efficiency. Here goes…

1. Do you breathe properly?

The large majority of people don’t breathe properly which can lead to symptoms that can be very debilitating. The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle.  Yes, its a muscle and like any other muscle it can become tight and have restricted function. This results in shallow and or upper chest breathing. Almost all your oxygen comes from diaphragm breathing, you need to be able to do this so that your finely tuned racing machine can get to the finish line without a lack of oxygen..

2. Do you drink enough water?

It has been said that we need to drink two litres a day, however I think it varies from person to person. If you are losing a lot of water from sweating or gabbing too much, like me, then you need to take in a bit more. In the winter possibly a bit less. In general I think about 1.5 litres, give or take is OK.

3. What might you be ingesting that is annoying your body?

Now this is completely individual and is therefore up to each and everyone to be mindful of the possibilities. Food or drink that your body has an allergy or sensitivity to create an inflammatory response which will show up in different places for different people. It might be in the gut, muscles, joints even in the brain….any where. Long term, this can lead to chronic illness. Some of the more common culprits are sugar (a poison), refined carbohydrates, gluten, dairy products, coffee, alcohol and the list goes on. Does your tummy feel a bit icky after eating or drinking a particular thing? Do you feel tired and a bit weaker? Check it out -  be mindful of how your body feels.

4. What are the good things your body likes to eat so that it can run like a smooth machine?

Again this is a little different for each person. Most of us have heard of the this diet or that diet, the blood type diet. There is probably a bit of truth in each of them but I am a great fan of keeping it simple.

The body loves having a steady blood sugar level. That's like a steady stream of fuel, nice and regular -  no surprises. Sugar, refined carbohydrates and coffee spike the blood sugar levels quickly. Gives you a rush and then they plunge quickly, leaving you depleted. Providing you with no real nutrition. This puts a huge strain on your adrenal glands as they are going on and off, trying to stabilise the frenzy. This leads to adrenal fatigue and as Dr Libby calls it ‘Rushing Women Syndrome’.

​What are these morsels of blood sugar level goodness? Proteins and good quality fats and oils. A diet of fresh vegetables, raw and cooked, protein and a bit of the good oil keeps the blood sugar levels nice and steady. This in turn takes a massive amount of strain off the whole system.

5. Deal with the issues of your finely tuned racing machine.

So often general aches and pains are easy to fix. Also the longer you leave them the more difficult it is to come back to a good functioning state. Check this site out for more on fixing your aches and pains in the comfort of your own home. www.stretchforlife.co.nz

There are of course more complicated medical conditions that need a more detailed diagnosis so if you have an inkling of concern about what is going on in your body mosey on down to your doctor and give your body a birthday present.

OK that's it, see what you can do.

Tim Judd

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